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White houses with blue doors and windows, whitewashed cobbled streets twisting under galleries and “volta”, traditional cafés, grocery stores and little taverns, beautiful churches at the village central square, “xynaria” (natural sources) with running water, gardens full of flowers and elaborate stone houses with marble decorations are but a few of the things the visitor will recollect after leaving Tinos.

Berdemiaros, Dio Choria (i.e. two villages), Monastiri, Steni, Kechros, Mesi, Tzados, Falatados, Koumaros, Volax, Myrsini, Karia, Mountados, Tripotamos, Sperados, Hatzirados, Ktikados, Kampos, Smardakito, Tarampados, Komi, Perastra, Agapi, Sklavochorio, Monastiria, Skalados, Krokos, Loutra, Xinara, Kalloni, Karkados, Kato Kleisma, Aetofolia, Kardiani, Ysternia, Venardados, Platia, Marlas, Mamados, Pyrgos, Panormos, Koris Pyrgos, Fero Chorio, Ismail, Agia Varvara.


All these villages, each one with its own history, offer the visitor a perfect example of the architecture and culture of the island of Tinos. At the hotel reception you may get a map of the island and ask for information about each one of them, as well as about the museums of the island, the dovecotes at Tarampados, the chapels popping up like white jewels at hillsides, and the religious festivals of Tinos.



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