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In the town of Tinos, behind the “Pasa” Akrotiri (i.e. cape of Pashas), a site close to the stone pier, stretches the bay of Agali.
Within 5 minutes walk from the town centre and the town’s “inner” harbor, and within walking distance from the sea, is the AGALI BAY hotel.
The view from the hotel is breathtaking: all-green tamarisk trees alternating with white sand and white pebbles on a 2 km beach stretching up to Vryokastro, the south-most point of the island, together with the Aegean blue and the view of the strait and the island of Mykonos right across are simply ravishing!
Definitely an ideal destination for long or short getaways combining the country’s assets along with the peace and quiet of the area.
At your demand, the hotel offers to transport you with its jeep to and from the harbor at your arrival and departure.



Προβολή Agali Bay σε χάρτη μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους